Count with your fingers each of the following that apply:

  1. I know what software vendors my hospital uses.
  2. I've crunched data with Microsoft Excel.
  3. I've crunched data with an application other than Microsoft Excel (programming languages count.)
  4. I've used SQL before.
  5. I understand how to use statistical methods.
  6. I know how to use a report writing tool (Qlikview, Tableau, Crystal Reports, Mathworks, etc.)
  7. I generally know what clinical data looks like (Diagnoses, Labs, Meds, Orders, Encounters etc.)
  8. I know what ICD-10/9 and CPT codes are.
  9. I understand SNOMED and RxNorm concepts.

0 Fingers - Oh boy. Aww honey are you lost? Kidding! We're glad to have you aboard and we all started there. Get a cup of coffee and a pencil & notebook--just kidding, none of that! (except for the coffee) -- you're going to take notes on your computer grunt, get used to it.

1-3 Fingers - Not too shabby. Depending on the points you've got some work ahead of you learning IT and/or clinical IT concepts.

4-7 Fingers - Good stuff. Sounds like you've got yourself pretty situated and ready to begin diving into some real-world clinical reporting scenarios, that is if you haven't started already.

8-9 Fingers - Oh hey rockstar. What is it, exactly, did you say you do? Just thought we'd ask, seeing as we're hiring (full-time and paid internships.) Shoot me an email, you might be interested in some of the population health tools we're incubating here in Annapolis, Maryland.